America You’re Funny: Republican Roommate vs Democrat Roommate

They are cutting 20% my roommate says as I sit on my computer reading news in the morning and going over hebrew lesson of the day.
He works as an Engineer in the defense department.
“That’s after they raised it by a lot since 9/11” I say
“Well yeah but that saved the economy.”
“Holy shit!” I realize. “That’s right it was the dot com bust. It was probably a huge stimulus package disguised as the war on terror.”
“That’s right.” He says.
“That is so smart! I didn’t realize the Republicans were so smart.”
“That’s why they keep their money.” He says as he washes dishes.

“Well, they are keeping the white vote. It’s the same money they spend, just they prefer to spend the money on jails and cops rather than schools. And as long as illegal aliens are illegal they don’t have to put up with their vote. They know the border is unenfocible and this way they get to keep the slave labor and not have to pay them more or have their competing vote. If the poor minorities rise up the whites loose their vote. No wonder they are slashing the budgets.”
“Yup! We don’t like black people… Juuuust kidding.” He says as he takes off for work… but I’m pretty sure he’s not.

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