America You’re Funny: Killing

Can you imagine killing someone? Can you imagine a reason to kill? What if someone went into a civilian area and shot twenty people? What if someone killed a soldier or a policeman? What if someone entered a school and blew it up or killed a bride and groom? Would you hate them? Would you want to kill them?
What if that killer was an American soldier?
Would you hate him still?
What if the people he killed were Pakistanis?
Would you still want to kill him?
I’m guessing no because we have our soldiers committing those acts all the time.
This is back to the crime. It is not about the crime but who it is against.
Thousands of lower income kids die in gang violence and often killed by other young kids. Our media never made a big deal about it. We never had half lowered flags or long discussions and memorials for those. What happened here was that rich kids died. Poor kids can’t kill rich kids, black kids can’t kill black kids and non-American kids can’t kill American kids. That is just how it works. We are still on the savanna in Africa, marking and protecting our territory.
So those kids who kill, when they are killing someone above them are crazy, horrible, despicable monsters.
Those who kill those bellow them are heroes, protectors, patriots.
America, you’re so funny.

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