10 Myths White Supremacists Tell Themselves

  1. They are creators of Western Civilization. 
    Nope, Anglo-Saxons were barbarians with zero civilization and little more than pillaging and killing while Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Sudanese, Mayans, Incas, Indians and Chinese among others had true civilizations. The White neanderthals come 1492 still be running around in loin cloths raping and pillaging if not for the Romans who passed on farming and reading and roads, which they took from Greeks who got it from Mesopotamians and Egyptians and Indians.
  2. They are superior to Black people.
    If that were true they wouldn’t have to create war on drugs to put black people into jails, wouldn’t have to prevent them from voting. They wouldn’t even have had to bring them from Africa, they would have just cultivated the land themselves. But Black people are smart enough not to be tricked into voting against their self-interest the way so many poor white people are and survived Jim Crow and Slavery to build this country and get into top positions in spite of racism. I wonder how many of the white supremacists be presidents and vice presidents if they had to go through what black people went through?
  3. Jews have dual loyalties and are crooked.
    They wish! The problem is that Jews are too honest and refuse to undermine minorities and do what the white supremacists do. They resent Jews for being generally liberal and not backing their ideas. They also resent that Jews in America serve in armed forces and go into civil service and contribute as much as they do, it makes it hard to say that Jews are evil. They used to say that we are inferior and dirty when Jews lived in Europe under the laws that forbade Jews from making an income and the fact that Jews do well in US really aggregates them. In fact their entire gripe with Jews might even stem with the resentment that their God that they love and proclaim that they defend is a Jew and their entire religion is one invented by the Jews. They try to claim that Jews follow some secret Talmud that is anti-white, but the reality is that Jews created the religion that they follow and they can’t claim originality with the thing that they covet. They have to create some kind of lie or explanations because deep down, they know that these little people have created something that is more valuable to them than anything except for maybe money and Capitalism, and Capitalism is in essence codified by a Jew, Carl Marx and Money has its oldest origins in Iran, Middle East.
  4. They Built This Country.
     They wouldn’t survive here if it were not for Native Americans. They wouldn’t not conquer this country if it were not for a Chinese invention of gunpowder and wouldn’t even arrive to the new world if not for the lateen sail developed by Romans, which are supposedly Italians and Anglo-Saxons consider to be inferior. Italians are actually descendants of Lombards and generally northern tribes, so Romans are more similar to Greeks who are more Middle Eastern than European. As mentioned before, they did not clear the land or plant the crops, black people did that. They did not fight off the French or the British, Native Americans helped them with that. They did not build the industry, immigrants, especially Chinese did that. Today, immigrants account for most startups and for most of the labor in this country as well, from farms to factories. Most engineers and doctors are foreigners and most of our manufacturing is created abroad, by foreign workers. Many professors in universities are immigrants. Many Nobel prize winners are immigrants. Biggest and most innovative companies in US are either started or run by Jews or immigrants. It’s not because someone keeps them out of it, it’s simply that they do not create at the same rate as others. This incompetence makes them angry. They are no longer representative in sports, as African Americans and Latino’s are more and more representative there and in music and art white people of this country don’t compete. 
  5. They Are Being Exterminated and Thus Have to Protect White Race
    First, they were the rapists of all people who came here, diluting the race when no one wanted their race. Second, this is a huge projection as the only people who are and have ever been exterminated here are minorities and white people continue to do this. No other race in this country has ever had the desire to exterminate white people, possibly for the first four reasons, on a level playing field, no one is worried about competing with white people. This is the reason why they undermine a level playing field whether it was slavery, Jim Crow, Filibusters or Electoral College, they simply cannot compete. 

So here you have it, the things that define white supremacists, their feeling of superiority is actually White Inferiority. It is a massive chip on their shoulder that people will realize that while they seem advanced today, it is thanks to the work and developments of many other cultures. In reality, none of those White Supremacists have ever made anything of value, they are too busy hating while the great minds of Europe, have always been the exception, not the rule. 

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