Things may look dark

But that just means

That you’re not facing light

Turning around 

Is less then a step, 

But the time that it takes

To stop and change course 

To those who walk straight

Can feels like regress.

But to turn around 

And progress in the right direction

One must first stop 

And look around

Determine the bearings

And recognize 

That light is not missing

But you’re looking to darkness

That you are not in the dark

Just not facing the light.

So forget about time

And stop for a moment

Turn in place

Long enough

To turn ship around 

To see light again

Turn from the cold darkness

And move to the warmth 

Of the glow of the sun

Then take a step

And forget the time

Spent on wrong direction

Just make sure to remember

To focus on light

Not the direction.

For the orbiting sun, never stops moving

If you don’t watch it

You will quickly lose it

And begin losing your way

And again walking into the dark.

So keep your eyes fixed on the sun’s daily glow

Watch out for comets

And astroids

Dotting your way

Remember there is no straight path

Or journey without respite

If you keep walking on

Eventually you’ll get there.

Just remember the feeling

Of sun on your skin

The light can be blinding

The sights are distracting

But always persist

Distractions resist

And you will arrive

And the darkness you faced,

You’ll never miss.

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