What I Would Want To See

Many want to fly to space

To see the Earth

I want to see the earth

And feel the feeling

That borders do not 

In reality exist

I want to feel

The one ness

That we are all


Regardless of how we breathe

Or bring in our young

I want to feel the thrashing

Of the rocket

Against my ribs

And rumble of the engines

In my heart

That carry me 

At ten times speed of sound

Away from family and friends

And into the great Unknown.

I want to feel

The feeling 

Of nothingness

On me

As I depart the pull

Of mother planet earth

I long to feel the longing

Of all my loved ones

For me

And me for them

I want to miss the feeling

Of sun upon my face

And water on my body

I want to feel the cravings

For a burrito


And my mother’s 


I want it all

But most of all

I want to look through hatch on the other side

The one facing away from earth

With all the stars

To see immensity of it before

And all around

I want to feel the smallness

Of planet earth

The largess of all the worlds

And suns 

And lives that are out there beyond the milky way

I want to feel all that is there

The grandeur of all

That is possible not just on earth

But in the grand experiment 

Of the created should it exist

To create the world so large and vast

That we cannot hope to feel it with our fingers

In a million billion lifetmes

But, for a brief moment,

We see it with a hundred million cells

Inside our coin sized eye

To feel the photons

Arrive from distant the past

Directly through the window

Of my spaceship pass

And entire me

To become a part of me

Through synapses in my brain

And make me a part

Of all that is 

All that was

And all that ever will be

March 2020

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