Books I Read 2016


  1.  High Output Management-Andrew Grove***** (200p)

    1. Founder of Intel describes management tactics used to create an stellar company.
  2.  Don’t Make Me Think II-Steven Krug*****(200p)

    A guide for programmers of how to create consumer sites that people don’t leave. Easy to read, a must for any programmer.

  3.  Zero to One-Peter Thiel **(200p)

    Peter Thiel’s view on business. A quick and easy read but like Ayn Rand, the theories fall apart on deep inspection. I don’t recommend it.

  4.  Booked Solid-Michael Port***(300p)

    Big book of sales secret that really could stop at first chapter.

  5.  Keys to a Meaningful Life****(200p)

    A collection of newspaper columns by a Buddhist Monk. A chapter a day, keeps sadness away.

  6.  Deep Work-Cal Newport****(300p)

    Highly accomplished writer and researcher shares how to be productive. Cut the Social Media, work till five, take breaks.

  7. Made in America-Sam Walton*****(400p)

    An inside look into the 20 year overnight success of Wal-Mart. If you think it was easy, read this book.

  8. Manuscript Found in Accra-Paulo Coehlo*****(200p)

    A stranger is in Jerusalem on the eve of destruction by the crusaders. People are in fear and in panic. Through a Q&A with questions on life and death he revives their spirit in spite of impending doom. It is Bahat-Ghitta meets Plato’s conversations in middle ages Jerusalem written in 21st century.

  9. Lean Selling-Robert Pryor****(300p)

    A novel approach to selling where you quantify everything, improve everything and never stop tweaking. A tough read but helps change perception of selling from convincing to educating.

  10. The Five Love Languages.-Gary Chapman*****(150p)

    This book probably saved more marriages than birth control. To understand your spouse and love your spouse, read this short but great book.

  11. Follow the Story-Writing Successful Non Fiction-James Stewart****(400p)

    A tough and long read but through the book, James shows the meaning of writing to get a point across, how to write good journalism in such away as to get it published, read and understood.

  12. Astronaut’s Guide to Living on Earth-Chris Hatfield *****(300p)

    I used to think the job was a glorified bus-driver but Chris shows in a humorous way the elite discipline and dedication it takes to be an Astronaut and the wonder of space that awakens the child in ever person to have had the privilege to go there.

  13. Startup Blog-Marc Andreesen ****(60p)

    1. A quick and to the point intro guide to starting-up by the creator of Netscape. In a clear and easy way, Andreesen describes what it takes to start and succeed as a start-up company.
  14. Leadership 101- John Maxwell *****(50p)

    1. John Maxwells mini-book without flourish or any extras describes precisely what is the benefit of leadership and how to cultivate it.
  15. Good To Great-Jim Collins****(400p)

    Through laborious research, Jim Collins identifies what it takes to create a successful company that performs at its potential. He calls this a prequel to Built to Last.

  16. Cuba, A Love Affair-Rothchild ****(150p)

    Not yet published but a good memoir of what it takes to succeed as an ordinary man and how to become extra ordinary through love, especially in a moment like a revolution.

  17. The Type A’s Guide to Mindfullness – Melissa Eisler ****(100p)

    We all need to destress, especially the Type A and Melissa uses the language we understand: reason and logic to make us take on meditation to be more productive and less stressed.

  18. The Scattered Tribe-Ben Frank ***(200p)

    A journalists account of travels to Jewish communities. Long, meandering but interesting.

  19. Design of Every Day Things -Don Norman***(200p)

    A book describing human-centric design. Difficult to read but a necessary read if you design anything for humans.

  20. Productivity for Creative People -Mark McGuinnes*** (100p)

    A great short book on how to harness your creative mind and become more productive and happier by being creative in a controlled way.

  21. Things Fall Apart -Chinua Achebe **** (210p)

    Argued as the best book by any African writer. A story about an Igbo man in African tribe in Nigeria, his life and what happens when Europeans arrive.

  22. Artist of Life- Bruce Lee/John Little  **** (263p)

    Few know that Bruce Lee was a philosopher and a writer. His writings from journals, letters and publications organized by John Little open up the mind of an amazing thinker whose ideas are truly mind bending.

  23. Up From Slavery- Booker T. Washington **** (250p)

    One of the best books I have ever read. It is amazing to hear a view of a person who grew up in slavery, lived through reconstruction, met Presidents and Royalty and helped black people assimilate into the modern American culture and take away ignorance from black and white people on the capabilities of black people and expectations of what it means to be a successful black person. Amazing book for any age.

  24. Essentials of Marketing ***

    Text on marketing. 18 chapters of what you need to know about marketing if you are serious about being in business.

  25. Mark Cuban-How To Win at the Sport of Business **** 

    I’ve read a lot of business books and sales books and this one I’d say is the best. It is concise and is very much no BS. It explains the right attitude, the right work ethic and how to sell.

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