Tips for Marying Couples, but Mostly Men. (Wedding Survival Guide for Men (and Women))

Most people think that marriage is mostly for women. That’s not true. There are many feelings men go through, at least those marrying for the right reason. There are many pitfalls for them because they haven’t thought and planned it out the way women have. So I’d like to go through those here for you. This is for women and men, but mostly for men.

  1. She had it planned out, doesn’t mean you don’t count.

    It’s true, she knows what everything would look like for a long time. Every since she was a little girl, she planned this and so she knows how the man will look as well as his groomsmen, how she will look, how centerpieces will look and where the wedding will take place. The man however will focus on tradition. He may refuse a taco truck because he has his family to think. This is because the amount that the future wife knows how the wedding will be, the same amount his mother knows how the wedding will be, and that picture NEVER LOOKS THE SAME.

    The two pictures will clash and he will be stuck in the middle. So it will be helpful for them both for him to show that there are things that are important to him early so that  she knows that some things are important for him too. However, over all, the job of the man is to either pay for her idea, or do his best to create her idea. This means that he will have to give up most of the control on most things, because he really has no idea what’s happening. Instead, his job will be to focus on the important things, like keeping things on schedule and on budget (the man will also have to realize that he will fail at both) as this is a loosing war and the man simply needs to win the important battles that will keep a war from happening between his mother and his future wife.

  2. Your Parents Have to Make a Rehearsal Dinner. They Won’t know what that is, Your Wife Will.

  3. Don’t Swim Day After Wedding

  4. Cherish the Moment She Comes In, and Don’t Get Drunk

  5. Flower Are The Easiest Thing To Skimp On

  6.  Photographer and a DJ, they make it or break it.

  7. A Wedding Planner Will Ensure You Have a Marriage Day After.

  8. Try Not To Over Think Things Before.


  10. Negotiate Everything And Pay Cash

  11. PWSD (Post Wedding Stress Disorder) IS REAL

  12. Do One Thing At A Time, No Matter what she says.

  13. Only one of you is allowed to lose it at a time.

  14. Get on Same page with Officiant and Get the Person You Both Want.

  15. Don’t Make Your Own Website, Use for everything!

  16. Google Docs and SpreadSheets are Your Gods, Worship Them Daily.

  17. Continue to Have Date Nights, They Will Save You and Your Future Marriage.

  18. Don’t Stop Your Routines (GYM, Guy Nights, Reading) They Will Save Your Marriage (Feel Free to Cut Out TV and Facebook)

  19. You Don’t Have Enough Time and You Have Even Less Money, She is Aware of Time, You of Money.

  20. Don’t Have a City Hall Wedding

  21. Have a City Hall Wedding

  22. You can have friends and family help out, or You can make your own wedding as you like it, you can’t have both.

  23. Have a Plan B. Especially if it’s a Destination Wedding.

  24. Don’t Have a Destination Wedding.

  25. Separate Tips for Destination Wedding

    1. Bundle things so you don’t have to go multiple times.
    2. Do it somewhere that’s cheaper than home.
    3. Tell people to get refundable flights.
    4. Make sure its a place with backups, not too secluded.
    5. Check for bad times of the year aka fires and floods.
  26. When People Say Have Fun, Learn to Say Fuck You, Under Your Breath


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