30-Day-Challenge: Reading

Reading 30 pages per day was more difficult than taking an alcohol break or meditating. First, it was because it was again, a proactive thing I had to do, not just something that I had to abstain from doing.

Meditating became easier as I incorporated it into walking and other forms. Furthermore, it was only 10 minutes or so a day, easy enough. However, reading 30 pages was more time as it took me at least half hour or so. Had I allocated a half hour a day it would have been easier but having a page count made it that much harder.

It was also harder because I was still trying to limit my alcohol from before, not to the same extent but a little. All the while still trying to meditate, which went down to maybe once a week sadly, at a time when I needed it the most.

However, after 20 days, it became a ritual. I was making a lot of progress on a lot of books and at the end of thirty days I finished three books and made progress on six books.

I also checked my reading speed at the end. My reading speed went up from about 300 words a minute to about 340. Not bad for a month.

Next month’s challenge: 30 days of journaling!

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