Simplicity of Universe

The simple way that the universe works:

Girlfriend takes phone by mistake. You go for a run and when you get back roommate is taking an hour long shower. So you drive over to girlfriends’ to take shower and pick up phone. She then gives you food to take but the top is too loose so you eat it there. The cat wants extra pets and so you pet it. You then finally get to your car and turn on Lyft. You get called out by two girls and a guy who need to go to a Drag club. You drop them off and pick up three people across the street from drag club.

You talk to the people and hear one of them is a journalist with an accent. You talk about your startup and journalism. You ask where she’s from and say you knew a journalist from Germany who lived in Ciudad Juarez. She says she lived in Ciudad Juarez. You say you met her during couch surfing in Mexico City at Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling). She says she knew people in Mexico City in Lucha Libre. You say you went for a beer with her around the corner.. at this point she figures out both of you are talking about the same person.

If you didn’t pet a cat, if you didn’t eat the soup, if the girlfriend didn’t grab the phone… you’d never run into each other.

There are so many more easy ways to run into each other…. But no, the universe loves serendipity.

(True Story)

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