We Didn’t Do It

In a thousand years,

They will say we did it.

But our dead will say otherwise

The few who stood up.

To the pepper spray

Water cannons

And concussion grenades.

The few of us who fought

The ones who died

Will say that not all

Went along with

Ceaseless destruction.

Not all entrepreneurs

Fought change

Not all entrepreneurs

Used power of the government

To undermine the tribe

To undermine the people.

Not all people sat

And watched their rights disappear

Not all watched

The Earth heat up

Shrivel up and die.

Not all of us sat out

But we were outgunned

We were outspent

They looked upon us

Through visors of hate

Corporate geed funded money

They looked upon us with disdain

As we fought for their sake

As much as we had fought for ours.


Tomorrow will come soon,

When they realize that we are all

Inside one sinking boat.

When they see that

Their lot is our lot.

But we will have the benefit

Of a clear conscience.

They will have to tell their children

That they pawned their future.

Because we fought to save

The only earth we have

As they stood up for greed

And killed those who stood up


Destroying our collective planet

For a short term profit.


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