Prayer For The Living Dead

Prime of life

Future kids, grandkids

Never happen

Tears mixed with aspirations



Covers bullet holes

That seared through flesh

And tissue

In agonizing pain


That life

Is over,

Flash of life

And all the loves

That touch each life.


At having done

Not enough


That we did not


Love is the answer

But where was

That love

Before the thought

Behind the killer

And all who told him

It’s ok

Kill kill kill

Take life

Take that which creates

And end it all

Bring it to an end.


Has no good side

We try to make the best

Of it all

But it is always

Too little,

Too late.

All we can do

Is act

Who needs a prayer?

Next victim might be

What’s in a prayer for you

When looking at the

Barrel of a gun

What’s in a prayer for

Your daughter


That stares a killer

Inside his vacant eyes

He has had years to think

And unthink this moment

We had a choice

We all chose death

Our death, their death

We chose an end to art

Of artist,

Of invention of an engineer

Silence over music

Of aspiring musician

We chose a life unsaved

Because a nurse will never

Get her degree

A doctor killed

And a professor

Will never teach a class of students

A social worker

Will not save a drug addict

A future politician

Will not bring about

World peace

As we chose inaction

As we chose death

And carnage

As we chose fear

And paralysis that comes with it.

We chose the terror

And the aim of terror

Terror chooses termination of life

And all that life created

We chose that…

The dead do not need prayers

The loved ones, do not need prayers

We the living, that chose

To pray instead of act.

We need prayer

For we, shall be the next

Awaiting the bullet

From another gun.

Pray for us,

The living dead.

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