Books I Read 2014-2015

It’s been said that the reason for the success of people like Warren Buffet is that they have out-read everyone else. It’s true, books are in essence taking the lessons and knowledge of one person and making it your own, it’s like chopping the head of someone in that 90’s show Highlander without all the lighting and weird stuff. This year I’ve decided to read a lot more. I wanted to absorb the knowledge and experience of other people, their entire life’s work and experience whittled down into 300-500 pages for me to learn, internalize. The books will be my direct access to the wisdom of those before me. So the more you read, the larger collective mind you access. So here it is, my book list which I will update as I keep going. It’s not impressive, it’s my effort and goal to get to 25 books per year this year. Ten more than last year and about two books a month.


  1. Lean Startup-Eric Reis
  2.  Bus in the 21st century
  3.  Financial Accounting
  4.  Pour Your Heart into it
  5.  Growing your small business
  6.  Onward
  7.  The Power of Habbit
  8.  Built to Last
  9.  Seven Habits of Highly Successful People
  10.  Don’t make me think I
  11.  Ingenious
  12.  Blood Brothers
  13.  Retire by 40
  14.  MaryChoi
  15. Principles of Accounting


  1. On Demand Publishing
  2. Kafka on the Shore
  3. Rise of Abraham Cahan
  4. Bintel Brief

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