The Case for Football

I am not a sports fan. Watching statistics of athletes seems like a waste of time at best and actually detrimental at worst to the self and those who play sports. But! That doesn’t mean it is a waste of time to others and I do think that public money should go to help those who love a sport that many others enjoy.

I like the Symphony, I like Museums and the Opera. While those things are some of the greatest achievement by man and certainly deserve our public dollars, no everyone enjoys them. The population of every city, regardless of their love for Picasso or Tchaikovsky makes it possible for me to watch a privately owned but publicly funded and subsidized Symphonies play. So if that is the case, who am I to say that Football, Baseball or Hockey that others enjoy in large number do not deserve my dollars? How can I expect others to pay for a library I love and not pitch in for a sport others love? It provides them with entertainment and happiness and passion and who am I to say that that love they feel for a sport is any worse than my love for music or art or knowledge?

Furthermore, they do inspire us to do well in our field. The diligence to stick to a practice, to battle out the self to, wake up early and compete is no different from my desire to be the best at what I do, they simply do it on a field. Why should those who are not born with a great love for knowledge but amazing talent for athletics not have their day in the spotlight? Why should then not allow for a maximum amount of people to enjoy their talent, their skill and their showmanship just because I don’t think it is not important to me?

So if your city has a professional sports team that has millions of fans, pitch in for their love and help them enjoy a passion. Help your city keep their sports program and star athlete, and maybe they just might pitch in for yours, and help your city attain the Picasso you love or the Symphony you’ve been dying to see.

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