Russia: You’re Not Funny

Today I start a new series of articles called: You’re Not Funny and my first choice is Russia.

See I used to think that Russia was a smart country just without laws, then I thought it was a cleptocracy but now I realize that it is far worse, it is an idiocracy, a country run not just by thieves, but by really dumb thieves. It seems that almost a hundred years of brain drain have left the country incredibly stupid. This of course applies to Ukraine in someways too, especially the east. If you read the exit polls they are just beyond idiotic, they just have nothing to do with reality. Sad part is, that that can be generally said of the world. However, most countries have some fairly intelligent people who help their idiots stay alive and lead good lives while in Russia it is the idiots who lead poor lives and ensure that everyone leads a crappy life with their votes and their government.

I wish this was funny but it isn’t. This is why Russia, you’re not funny, or smart, or talented or brilliant.. But you can be.

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