Russia, Russian Literature and Russian Lies.

Before reading this post, I’ll give a disclaimer, I know not my view does not represent all Russians and is ver Russophobist. I’m sorry but the problem with my generalization does not lie with me but with the reality in Russia. The intellectuals do not believe that it is their job to go into politics, they believe it is a dirty business and thus only unclean go into it and thus only the unclean control the country and thus only their views are forced on the arts and on the majority who are unlike the educated intelligentsia do not have the wherewithal to distinguish truth from fiction. Well that goes back to the intelligentsia, power is for those who take it and not for those who give it up. If you believe you are not fit to rule then you shall be ruled and if you let heathens rule you then do not complain when I describe the country that you yourself allowed to be ruled by criminals.

Now that I’ve ensured that no one will continue to read this, let’s dive in.

I find it interesting that Russia’s most repressed writers are those who speak the truth about Russia, about it’s horrors and it’s backwardness.

What is funny is that 50-60 years after those writers are hated they become loved and are raised as examples of Russian literature, probably because their talents were recognized abroad and Russia will take any and all PR and lay credit to it even if only a short while ago it did it best to drown those people, many of whom it did.

What is strange and what I don’t understand is the pride Russia takes in those novels. It is as if it half thinks that it is ok because time has passed and therefore the world will think : “Well, that was a backwards and crazy place and look at these people now, they are so different.” And they do it as if to themselves they are proud that they are this way because let’s face it, they have’t changed, they never change because they have no desire to change. To them that chaos, that ignorance that “absurd” is normal. They don’t know how to live otherwise. A normal life is incomprehensible to Russia. They sooner drag anyone down than let anyone live a normal life. And thus they think they conned the world again, and again and again. Because no one lies like a Russian. No one tells a lie so honestly, so tryingly. No one forgets their evils and no one feels the happiness that a Russian does of pulling something over on someone. No one gloats as much as Russia at seeing someone trust them, knowing that that person is about to be stabbed in the back….

This is the story of Russian “help” to all of its neighbors. This is why it sees America the way it does, because in the perverse way, Russia thinks everyone is just like it and so it does not understand why anyone doesn’t like it and why anyone would like the United States…

This maybe why Russian writers are so popular, Westerners just can’t understand why this seemingly normal country would be so backwards and so they read novels about Russia the way they watch Jersey Shore, with pure curiosity and bewilderment.

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