America, You’re Funny: PDA

Whenever my girlfriend and I choose to give eachother a peck and express our affection for eachother, we get stern looks and admonishments from others. We’re not full on making out. We are not being indecent. We are simply expressing a positive emotion. This intolerance towards love, not lust is not as evident in many other places around the world and I feel that this certainly doesn’t help the high incidence of divorce. If people weren’t so ashamed of a perfectly good and natural emotion but were instead admonished for cursing and displays of sex, lust and violence, maybe we’d have a healthier society.

Isn’t it interesting how our culture condones and encourages revealing overly sexualized dress and excessive drinking and profuse swearing and yet god forbid you bring a child to a restaurant or give a peck to the person you love. If we were more tolerant of love and less tolerant of violence maybe we would have more healthy marriages and fewer unhealthy wars. What do we expect from a culture that rewards violence and lust and punishes thought and love?

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