Ukranian Revolution, by a Ukrainian

So I’m not really a Ukrainian. But I was born there and I understand it about as well as a 10 year old. But here is what I know, whatever you see on CNN, is bullshit. I am not a historian or political scientist, I am an informed individual and here is my take on the current situation and why you should pay attention to it.

Let’s talk about first why you’re seeing it and why it is on TV.

There is a wide power shift going on in the world. China is rising, Russia is falling, Europe is in the midst of an identity crisis as is United States and Ukraine is one of those signs of changing times. So pay attention to Ukraine as it is a sign of things to come.

Why Ukraine Revolution is Important
Russia is crumbling. There are 40% as many people today as there were a generation ago. People are dying in their fifties of cirrhosis of the liver from drinking liters of vodka a day. Vodka is very cheap and made cheap because so long as people are drunk, they are too drunk to do anything about the theft that is going. Theft of money, theft of resources theft of their lives. Because that is what the people in power doing, they are stealing everything from them. One other thing that Russia is loosing, Ukraine. As a recent pundit said, Russia by itself is a country, with Ukraine it is an Empire and the Empire is crumbling. That is what we are really seeing.

Ukrainians have been run by Russian corruption and cronyism for too long. Their lack of growth, their horrible medical system, their high rates of infectious disease due to Russian style ignore all problems and blame them on the west style governance has had the people fed up. They are fed up because they are not Russian, they don’t have to take it from Russia and so they, unlike Russians who are drunk in ignorance and vodka have a chance to align with the West and actually have a chance at governance and progress instead of slow death that is killing Russia which in 50 years will be conquered by China because there will be no people left to stop China.

Finally,  if Ukrainians manage to free themselves of Russia, what will Russians say? What will they do? How long will they put up with their corruption and lack of freedom? What will this mean for Putin and the Russian government in power, nothing good.

Myth of Civil War.
Ukraine is not in the midst of a Civil war, it is in the midst of throwing off the last vestiges of Russian Occupation. The power structures are funded, run and manned by Russia. Even Berkut, the police force that is seen on the streets is full of Russian troops flown in because President of Ukraine does not have enough people on his side.
People there are mothers, fathers, students, workers and grandfathers. It is basically the middle class that is tired of working and having nothing to show for it. It is people who are tired of paying bribes to officials, being bullied by the people who are called police and having to spend money for basic supplies at hospitals at schools where their kids get no education and health care that provides no health or care. This is more than a revolution it is a people that are saying enough.

Myth The Place is On Fire 
So CNN shows barricades burning without turning the camera because that keeps eyes on the screen instead of showing reality. In reality the barricades burning are only on the perimeter preventing troops from rushing in and attacking. Most of the people ( tens of thousands) are peacefully listening to speakers who talk from grandstands. It is a peaceful protest that is only made violent by violent thugs and riot police. Footage continuously shows the police being routed and over-run and yet let’s look at the numbers, tens of protesters have been killed through torture or gun-shot wounds while only a few of the embattled police have been killed who were killed because their fellow police officers would leave them lying in the line of fire.
So CNN picture: Ukraine is on fire.
Reality: peaceful protests across Ukraine with virtually no damage or looting with minimal barricades and fires made to protect people and prevent the riot police from unlawfully dispersing a lawful and peaceful protest.

Funded by the West
Syria is funded, that is why they have weapons and have been fighting a civil war for two years. Ukraine has Pepsi bottle bombs, rocks, STOP sign shields and construction helmets. If this is Western funded coup, it is a horrible one because army is not used and people are supplying the food to the protesters.
In fact “Western funded” is a diversion by Russia and an insult to Ukrainians because it is implying that if it were not for the West, they would be OK with the corruption, and the cronyism and the theft and a life of no hope. It is to make Ukrainians less than human. Ukrainians are not fighting to become Western, they are fighting to spring off the crippling grip of Russia on Ukrainian economy, politics, they are fighting for freedom to choose and for a hope of the future. West offers them progress and Russia offers them dependence on cheap gas and a form of servitude. This by the way is why one of the slurs for non-protesting Ukrainians that the protesters use is “slave”, because only a happy slave would take vodka from Russia in exchange for a chance at a brighter future.

This may be the most important thing to you. All protesters have been named “terrorists” by the government. This is a hijacking of the term that used to apply only to civilians using violent means of striking fear into the hearts of general population to threaten them into a course of action. The only ones being violent is the government, the only ones threatened is the government which has been using terrorism in its full definition against the population of Ukraine for decades through stealing of wealth, corruption and lawlessness in the police. Terrorist have named the public who are fed up with them terrorists. It is as if Osama Bin Laden would call America terrorists because America went after him after he attacked United States. This is the most important part to you because this shows how in the future, governments will use “terrorism” as a means of suppressing freedom and side-lining accountability.

So be careful of misinformation and while you can ignore Ukraine, what happens there will soon affect you. Because Russia will only get weaker and more desperate, EU will freeze, China will expand and all the world will erupt as instability of Global Warming really shows human nature at its worst.

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