Lessons from Seven Years of Reading-Read Intentionally

On my eighth year of reading, where I read at least 20 books for the past six, I realized that by now I should have finished my original “to read” list of 100 books. And yet, that list has now grown to over 300 books and I have only read eleven of those books. This means I read over 100 books which were not a priority. They were good books, many very important for me at the time, but I didn’t make time for reading of the books that I wanted to read and felt that I needed to read.

Why? Well, the reason is simple. I have a library of maybe 300 books and another 100 or so on my ibooks and another 200 in PDFs. So when I go to find a new book to read, I look over the library and grab a book that looks interesting at that moment in time. In essence, I am hungry, I look in the fridge and grab anything that looks edible in that moment. Sometimes there are already a few things on the table I’m already eating (reading) but I’m hungry for something different and I grab another book. The book that feels like it but rarely does something that feels like it is what actually is needed. Like an hour watching TV vs 20 minute run.

So this year, I decided to be intentional. I decided that I would start with a list by taking some of the books from my reading list and make sure that those are part of my reading goal. It’s not all 22-26 books that is my annual goal. No, I will leave some room for random snacking. But it is time to live intentionally, and that means having a goal for what I will read this year, that I feel i need this year and finally making some inroads on my list.

The goal this year is:

  1. Yuval Noah Harari 
  2. Infinite Jest
  3. Man’s search for meaning
  4. Daniel pink- motivation
  5. Joan Didion
  6. Ultra learning
  7. Life of focus 
  8. So Good they can’t ignore you- cal Newport
  9. Solzhenitsin Gulag Archipelago
  10. Jason Harris persuasion
  11. The Body Keeps the Score
  12. The ultimate athlete
  13. Non violent Communication
  14. Whisky tango foxtrot
  15. Dan Arieli Book
  16. One Year Baby Book
  17. Environmental Books
  18. Biology Books

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