Books of 2022

  1. . Wandering Stars by Sholem Aleihem 450p ****
    This is one of the most important works by a Ukrainian-born Yiddish language writer best known for writing the book Tevye the Dairyman based on which was the musical Fiddler on The Roof. I loved this book until the last page. It is an amazing look at the Jewish culture of East Europe. The book describes Jewish theater, the crazy characters and their lives. The book has amazing dialogue, the characters are so detailed, the way they speak and act, the book really brings them to life. It also spans four countries and describes Europe, Shtetles and America in a way that give one a true sense and ethos of the places at the turn of 20th century. The last page felt like the writer decided to just wrap up the book but otherwise was very enjoyable.
  2. Einstein on Relativity. – Albert Einstein 170p ****
    A good little book for people who know enough physics to read and better understand relativity and general relativity.
  3. Your Baby’s First Year – by Tanya Altman 500p ****
    A pretty good book that goes into detail on how to feed and care for a baby as well as what to expect month by month. Lots of stuff on different health issues and other general advice.
  4. The Jungle (Uncensored) Upton Sinclair 350p ****
    An amazing book that you probably haven’t read. The original was gutted in order to be published and the original was found by accident and published almost a 100 years later. This book describes the issues of immigration, worker rights, the access and corruption of capitalism. It is a book of that day and a book for today. I’m so glad I waited to read this. One of my top reads from now and for a long time.

Drummer And the Great Mountain

Recanati, Parents and Children (In Progress)

Astronaut’s Guide to Space-(in Progress)

Getting Started with R (in progress)

Discourses Epictetus (In Progress)

White Fragility

Canterbury Tales (In Progress)

Gandhi Autobiography (In Progress)

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