Books of 2022

  1. . Wandering Stars by Sholem Aleihem 450p ****
    This is one of the most important works by a Ukrainian-born Yiddish language writer best known for writing the book Tevye the Dairyman based on which was the musical Fiddler on The Roof. I loved this book until the last page. It is an amazing look at the Jewish culture of East Europe. The book describes Jewish theater, the crazy characters and their lives. The book has amazing dialogue, the characters are so detailed, the way they speak and act, the book really brings them to life. It also spans four countries and describes Europe, Shtetles and America in a way that give one a true sense and ethos of the places at the turn of 20th century. The last page felt like the writer decided to just wrap up the book but otherwise was very enjoyable.
  2. Einstein on Relativity. – Albert Einstein 170p ****
    A good little book for people who know enough physics to read and better understand relativity and general relativity.
  3. Your Baby’s First Year – by Tanya Altman 500p ****
    A pretty good book that goes into detail on how to feed and care for a baby as well as what to expect month by month. Lots of stuff on different health issues and other general advice.
  4. The Jungle (Uncensored) Upton Sinclair 350p ****
    An amazing book that you probably haven’t read. The original was gutted in order to be published and the original was found by accident and published almost a 100 years later. This book describes the issues of immigration, worker rights, the access and corruption of capitalism. It is a book of that day and a book for today. I’m so glad I waited to read this. One of my top reads from now and for a long time.
  5. A Wrestling Life – Dan Gable 150p ****
    Amazing autobiography of one of the greatest coaches and competitors in US history. A very human look at his life including the good and the bad. So many great views on life and on competition, wrestling and coaching. I marked this book up a lot because it just had so much wisdom. Each chapter was a story from a period of his life and it told a whole and complete picture of a man, wrestler, coach, son, brother, father and friend.
  6. Odessa Stories- Babel 40p ****
    A tiny little book with stories from a larger book by a Yiddish writer from Odessa about various characters in Jewish Odessa creating a very human portrait of a colorful world that no longer exists.
  7. Coaching Wrestling Successfully – Dan Gable **** 200p
    An amazing insight into the things that allow a great coach to be a legend. He talksa bout techniques but more importantly about all things that go into making a championship team. This includes about how to evaluate wrestlers, yourself, other coaches. How to communicate with wrestlers, coaches, community etc. Highly recommended.
  8. Gandhi Autobiography *** 900p
    This book opened my eyes to what a strange and remarkable man Ghandhi was. He had a way of disarming his harshest critics, of convincing people through his determination. He was stubborn but also kind and dedicated. His path was not at all what I imagined and something that I enjoyed reading slowly.
  9. Memoirs of An American Jewish Soldier: Robert Bud Sabetay (****170p)
    This is a unique text by a US soldier who fought in Europe during WWII. The book is written in simple language by a simple man. It talks about him joining the army, him going through basic training, going out and dating, fighting in France and Germany and his experience with the war, antisemitism and just dealing with very random events. It is a great read because it focuses on unique things I haven’t seen in a book like this. The random events that lead him to survive, the small and big events including war crimes he witnessed by Germans and Americans. His experience in post war America and France. All stories are quick but impactful. Highly recommend finding this book.

  10. Heart of a Champion- Bob Richards (230p) ****
    A must read for any athlete or anyone who hopes to accomplish something and reach their potential. Amazing stories by an Olympic champion which has motivated countless champions to go the distance.
  11. The Native American Wrestling Experience -A Quiet Contribution – Roger More 50p ****
    A thin book with stories of ancient Native American myths, descriptions of Native American wrestling and Native American wrestling legends. What really surprised me about this book was how much of American and Folk wrestling I took for granted without thinking of where the unique aspects of it came from. King of the Hill, Dual format and probably much much more like leg wrestling are unique to US wrestling and may have come from Native American influences.
  12. Wrestling for Beginner – Tom Jarman and Reid Hanley 150p ****
    An illustrated book from the 70ies or 80ies that describes basics of wrestling as well as various moves in pictures.
    It’s an old book but it is full of concepts that work for all wrestling.
  13. Climate Change Policy(In Progress)
  14. Canterbury Tales (In Progress)
  15. White Fragility (In Progress)
  16. How Change Happens (In Progress)
  17. Astronaut’s Guide to Space-(in Progress)
  18. Recanati, Parents and Children (In Progress)
  19. Drummer And the Great Mountain
  20. Getting Started with R (in progress)

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