Year Two

Year two of marriage is the coming together year. If you haven’t had kids, its the year where you relaxed a bit and if you have good communication learned that you’re not against eachother.

We still have an emotional moment where we are selfish and dont think the other person gets us, but it becomes easier to speak up about it and the other person corrects themselves.

I think jealousy is less, more trusting of eachother. You are now in the groove in life together and your career and their career. The things you want to do take center stage: where to travel, whose friends wedding to go to or not go to.

We were living in Israel and a lot of stresses were gone. I’d say that we had a honeymoon year one and two because while I had family in Israel and we saw them fairly often, in Israel gifts are less of a thing. So we focused more on eachother and on friends and having fun.

Moving abroad for first two years is highly recommended. The experience bonds you together, you both have to make new friends and you both become changed people together.

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