20 things to say to people who believe the earth is flat

First thing to say to ask someone or yourself if you or someone you know believes that the earth is flat:

  1. What is the sun made of?
  2. If it is a light, where does the electricity come from?
  3. Is it in the sky or in space?
  4. We have planes, why don’t they reach the edge?
  5. How far are the stars?
  6. What are they made of?
  7. If the sun is on a specific trajectory over us, why does it shift during seasons?
  8. Is it just a light or some kind of heater, how does it produce the heat?
  9. How big is the sun and the moon?
  10. Are the sun and the moon made of the same material?
  11. Are they the same size?
  12. Is there a dome above us?
  13. What is the dome made of?
  14. How did it get there?
  15. How did the sun get there?
  16. What is under neath the earth?
  17. What is past the edge?
  18. We have ships, why have they not gotten to the edge?
  19. Why is it that when icebreakers go from Russia to over the Ice, they arrive in Canada waters?
  20. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, I don’t think you’re stupid. For thousands of years, humans killed humans who thought the earth was round, we are not more intelligent than people 500 years ago and so you are not smarter or dumber than another person who doesn’t believe.

Science is hard. It takes decades of being really good at math, failing all the time, studying non stop to be able to do it, to be able to understand it. It took man kind thousands of years to develop science and only a few hundred thousands humans out of billions are smart enough and dedicated enough and trained enough to be called scientists. You don’t have to pretend to be one, you are not stupid if you misunderstood one, most people don’t understand scientists. But if something doesn’t make sense, you can just ask. Most scientists will be glad to explain what we as man kind know through experiments, what we don’t know and why it is that we know and why it is that things work the way we do.

And you don’t have to stop being friends with other people who believe in flat or round earth, there is no need to exclude anyone for beliefs. Because beliefs change, even in science, after a lot of hard work and experiments by other scientists, who are trained to understand and experiment and show that something doesn’t work. And if you want to know the truth, you are welcome to study, work hard and become a person who is trained to understand and work in science.

We don’t have to be doctors to trust doctors, we don’t have to be scientists to trust scientists, we don’t have to be plumbers to trust plumbers. Sometimes, its ok to say: I don’t know, I don’t understand, because that’s not my area of expertise. Because all people, sometimes find themselves, wishing and pretending to know and be something a little more than they are. It’s only human.

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