30-Days Of Back Straight

I was watching a Jordan Peterson talk and of all the things he said, the one thing that stuck in my mind is “Stand up Straight”. I realized that I am often hunched, my neck craned forward, my stomach is out. I look like a chimp! So I started trying to stand up straight.

I didn’t even realize that I was doing a challenge this month! But then while I was thinking of what I was going to do and days went by, I had a realization, that my 30 day challenges have become automatic. I think of something, and then at the end, I start to do it. Sometimes I do two or three challenges without even recognizing!

Two Weeks In

So two weeks in, I have to say, I catch my self more and more. I also notice others who don’t stand up straight. I notice also those who do stand straight. I notice when I cross my arms, I notice that I cross them because I feel vulnerable and unsure. I notice how when I stand straight and arms out I feel more comfortable and confident. I notice that the strain in my neck is in part from craning the neck forward and I notice my neck craning forward. So all the good results! I’m not sure how to do a metric for this yet but looking forward to the future results!

Final report

I’d say this has been a great 28-day challenge. I think the challenge of this is it is very difficult without a pre-plan to eliminate slouching in 30 days. What I noticed is that I slouch A LOT. That I walk with my head down, A LOT. I cross my arms and bend down and feel vulnerable in conversations. I think this practice has helped me see how I slouch and I noticed that I notice and spring my self up right much more often. I cary myself with my back straight for a longer period than I did before.

If anyone has recommendations of how they straightened their back, what techniques they used to walk with their head up, shoulders back, I would certainly appreciate it and anyone else reading this, would appreciate as well.

Next 30 Days, Something Totally Different!

Next 30 days, Kindness! For the first time, I am opening up the challege to the world. Anyone interested, start with me, talk to me, tell others and let’s discuss how it goes. Even if you join half way or stop half way, check in and tell me about it.

We often react to others with anger when in fact they are attacking us out of hurt. Let’s give love back for 30 days and see how it goes. Won’t cost us anything and who knows, maybe you will win an ally or two.

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