30-Day-Challenge: Focus

This is a short post because I am slammed with work and school. But I do want to say that the 30 day challenge succeeded. I managed to study and get my grades to be good. I did manage to complete my assignment for my boss. To do that I had to and managed to cut out all social media (I failed towards the end with facebook and instagram, they are so good for stress!!) I cut out most activities like my writing, my coaching was delegated to another person, I stopped working on the BDS project and my book. I did manage to work on my consulting in spite of this and I was able to join the student senate and work on my language.

So all in all, you can focus and still not just do one thing, but you do have to look at your time, plan well ahead, be disciplined with the things you did pick and then continue to cut if you are not able to work your plan. If your plan is going slowly, evaluate the bottle necks and fix them quick!

Bottlenecks included my work project, I was behind by over a week so I had to really organize my work and whittle down to the most important work. I had to become more organized, I had to become more processed and this helped me succeed. Also, working on the important things every day, making progress everyday ensures that you don’t forget anything and don’t have to restart, and that is the most difficult thing! So if you have a plan and you have a goal, it is a lot easier to focus and get it done!

Happy 2019 to everyone and looking forward to 12 more 30-day-challenges for 2019. I’ll do a recap after I’m done with the next week of classes.

Here is my work tracker, it got bad towards the end but by then I was doing very focused work and didn’t need it as much. At the beginning I really needed the Google OKR to make sure I was on track. If you don’t know what that is… Google it.

30 Days of Focus

Sometimes a reason for a change is necessity. Such was the case this time. I had a vacation to go to and a deadline set by my boss: I had to finish all data collection by the time I would leave. This was a tall order. A lot of videos to go through, a lot of audio files to analyze and each one often took a day or more. So I created a graph, deleted all the social media I could and began to work the plan. I

28th – delete all SM
29 – create a plan
30 -exercise
1- go to bed earlier, wake up earlier. More sleep=more alert=get more done. Or figure out best time to work and do that.
2nd – stop with podcasts/develop metrics
3rd – finish all unnecessary projects
4th – find a quiet place to work and work the time blocks.
5 – create accountability
8 -New measurement system measure # of tasks completed
19 – At most five things a day. Do least desired action first. Do little things ASAP.
20 – Write diary entries. Will help stay on task and evaluate each day and think of better ways to be on task.

9- 0 out of 3

  • [ ] Call Bank
  • [
  • [ ] Complete Bat 1_1 and 1_2 audio and video


  • [ ] Bat 1 finish
  • [ ] Do Lenovo


  • [ ] bat 1_2
  • [x] Lenovo Slide
  • [ ]
    Learned: Do small annoying things quickly and fast, don’t let them weigh you down.

12 2/2

  • [ ] Finance HW
  • [x] IB write up on Apolo
  • [x] 1_2 bat audio
  • [ ] 1_2 bat video

13 2/4

  • [x] 1_2_ bat video
  • [x] Finance HW
  • [ ] Call Bank


  • [ ] Call Bank
  • [ ]

15 1/3

  • [ ] Call Bank
  • [x] BMS Billing
    Started working at home since Steph leaves for the day. Have time to run, eat and avoid bad times at work when there are too many people. Also let’s me work later. Just need curtains.

16 2/3

  • [x] Call Bank
  • [ ] Call
  • [x] Meet Eran

17 3/4

  • [x] Ch 1/2
  • [x] Buy India tix
  • [ ] Call
  • [x] Bat 8

18 3/6

  • [x] Ch 3
  • [ ] Ch 5
  • [ ] Call
  • [x] Ulpan HW
  • [ ] Bat 6
  • [x] Senate

19 2/3

  • [x] Ch 5
  • [x] Ch 6/7
  • [ ] Call
  • [ ] Dentist
  • [ ] Bat 9
    Got most of ch 11,
    Got bat 9 organized and moved.
    Almost decided on india.

Current progress
Have been doing more, not less Social Media
Very difficult to focus. Have cut out very little. I am accomplishing more with my schedule of work. Difficult given the multiple things I have to do. The things I signed up myself for.
Need to limit to 5 goals per day and be happy about three. Reducing number of big tasks a day.


  • [x] Ch 11/12
  • [x] Bat 9 Audio
  • [ ] Practice Test
  • [x] Call T Lyuba
  • [ ] Buy Flight

21 Fri

  • [x] Final
  • [x] Bat 9Vid
  • [ ] Ch1 and 2 Stat
  • [ ] Clear phone of all audio for Arjan.
  • [ ] Sweep

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