America You’re Funny- Prisoners are Slaves

During this horrible fire season,  over  40% of the firefighters are doing it against their will and without pay. Wrongfully sent to prison on racially and politically motivated drug laws, 150 years after the Civil War to end slavery, they are used as slave labor.
Clearly, America never ended slavery, it just changed how the slaves ended up as slaves. The similarities in the slavery system go deeper than the inmates in jail. Because if a parent goes to jail, a child grows up poor and is likely to go to jail too, because prisons send people to prison wherever there are spaces instead of leaving people near their loved ones, it’s the exact same South Plantation system, modernized.
People being rehabilitated should not be used as slave labor. Their kids should not grow up in poverty so that they go into the system and people who we want to rehabilitate should stay near family.
We must end this system of modern slavery, we must rehabilitate these people and give them rights so that when they come back they can benefit themselves and the society to their full potential. We must end the conditions by which their kids go to jail so that they can reach their potential.
America, You’re Not Funny,

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