Terror in The West Will Continue As Long As it Continues in The Middle East.

Dozens have been killed this week in Iraq and Afghanistan due to instability created there by United States and coalition forces. Dozens were added to list of thousands, tens of thousands killed by suicide and truck bombs. Numbers that make the London and Paris attacks insignificant. But do people change the images on their Facebook? Do buildings put up flags of Afghanistan or Iraq on their facades?
As long as we ignore death there, we will continue to have death here.
Just as we ignored knifings and car ramming in Israel, we came to see those same knife attacks and car ramming in Europe and America.
Just as we ignored Russian intervention in Ukraine, we came to see Russian intervention in America and Europe.
We keep ignoring the attacks in ME and show shock when those attacks come to our shores. It is our ignorance of a connection to the earth and all who live here. The idea that borders mean something when they are simply our invention and mean nothing to death and violence. The idea that distances mean something when they mean nothing to carnage and terrorism. When we ignore suffering somewhere, we invite it to our own homes and families.
However, to think that we can solve things with violence is wrong too. We have dropped billions of dollars worth of bombs on those two countries, and we continue to see death and carnage there. Violence begets violence and the most vulnerable feel it in the end.
We wonder how they can be so evil as to attack our kids, when we have been attacking their kids and never asking that question of ourselves.
Why are the children killed in a Manchester arena any more important than those killed in an ice cream shop in Baghdad? Our indifference there will have effect here and until we show concern there, we will not be able to stop it here.

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