New Year(2017)/Old Year(2016)

2016 seemed to go on forever, so lets go over some things done and some things hope to do.

  1. Read 25 books,
  2. Published an e-book,
  3. Travelled to 30 cities in 30 days.
  4. Took GRE’s
  5. Lost 20 pounds.
  6. Designed and Published a book.
  7. Sold 400 books on-line, in stores and on Amazon.
  8. Taught dozens of Photography and Videography lessons.
  9. Consulted to a company for a full year.
  10. Learned to read Hebrew.
  11. Advocated for a bill on anti-BDS.

So we can see that 2016 may have been the lamest year in some ways, but maybe it’s because I put expectations that are a bit too high. Let’s hope to a better 2017, where we truly help the Journalism.

We need to know what is happening around us more than ever, I will work to continue to do that.

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