America, You’re Funny: Rob Lowe Roast

I watched the Rob Lowe Roast today on Comedy Central. It was hilarious. They destroyed Ann Coulter half the time and the other half they joked about Rob Lowe’s sexual indiscretion and womanizing as his wife and sons watched on. It was hilarious, I laughed hard and long until I thought about it and realized that the monster on the stage wasn’t Coulter. She’s a woman who is outspoken. People might not agree with her but she states her opinions. The real monsters on stage were the people joking about the monster on stage, the sexual offender that is Rob Lowe.

Rob Lowe has had multiple nannies claim that he has sexually harassed them and he had engaged in sex with a 16 year old on tape. This is behavior of what we would consider to be sexually depraved and morally reprehensible, if he were not good looking and famous. If he was older and Black, like Bill Cosby, we would be angry and want him jailed (rightfully so). But since he is Rob Lowe, attractive and likable, we create a show where professional athlete (Payton Manning), actor Ralph Machio (karate kid), singer  Jewel and a half score of comedians laughed off his crimes as his wife and sons watched on.

Meanwhile, they derided Ann Coulter in a sexually explicit way. They demeaned her sexuality and thus the sexuality of all women while extolling the virtues of Rob Lowe’s ability to use women as objects. He gleamed, he laughed while Coulter cringed. Every one laughed at her, like a child bullied by the classroom in middle school. She got up, she bombed and while her jokes fell flat, none of them were mean, none of them focused on sexuality or demeaning of women or men. Her opinions were unpopular, clearly. Her jokes fell flat. However she had done nothing wrong (on stage). She of course is known to make horrible statements about Mexicans, Blacks and poor people. However, at this roast, she wasn’t the monster, on the show the real monsters were those who made jokes at her expense, the expense of women who had been abused by Rob Lowe and everyone who laughed.

Meanwhile Larry Wilmore was fired for saying “Nigga”.

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