What is success?

What is success?

Success is but a moment

A hundredth of a second

A split of frame

Where ordinary became special

Success is millions of seconds

Doing ordinary things

Like taking steps

One foot in front of another.

Like reading letters on a page.

Writing one letter and then


Success is boring 

When averaged

With millions of moments 

That brought it to fruition.

It is the persistence that we hate

Of not giving up no matter what.

It is attention to detail

Of swimmers trimming fingernails

And bikers shaving arms.

It is the dotting of the t’s

And painting backs

Of boards

That no one will ever see.

It is imagining a champion

When you are but a boy

No different from any other.

It is looking to the sane

Like a complete

Crazy person.

Practicing all day and night

When everyone says

“That’s a waste of time.”

It is brush stroke after brush stroke

When the world says art

Will never pay.

It is a photograph

Upon photograph

When everyone

Reminds you

That all you’ll ever do

Is weddings and portraiture.

Success is always easy

To the one who never tried.

It is just circumstance

Or all about

Who you know

To the one who feared

Of appearing stupid,

To the rest who also never tried.

To the failure

What’s most important

Is doing things

Because the others said so.

A smart person in a failing mind

Would never do things

Others would consider dumb.

A smart person

Does not risk

A certain failure

Just because

It happens to feel right.


Is not famous.

It is not rich

Nor is it accomplished.

Success is making a goal

That felt right in the heart

And then persisting to the end

No mater what

The entire world had thought.

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