Why I Refuse To Put Up a Russian Flag on Facebook.

Russians around the world ask for sympathy for those killed in Egypt. They didn’t seem to care for sympathy a week ago before everyone reached out to France but that is not the point.

My question is, do they deserve it? Sounds callous but seriously, was there a Russian tribute to Malaysia flight they shot down? How about the 5000 Ukrainians they killed and the millions they displaced? How about the thousands of Georgians or Armenians. How about the hundred thousand or so of their own country men in Chechniya? How about the fact that they are actively supporting the guy who gassed children with Biological weapons? Never mind the fact that Russian FSB actually actively help provide a large part of the fighters to ISIS. If Russians want sympathy then they better stop being terrorists.

 I feel sad for the people, I mourn for the families. BUT I will not put up a flag of a government which has been responsible for more deaths this year than any other country or conflict. 

The French on the other hand, they can be a bit annoying, Americans, Israel and French have had many tiffs. But never did they actively support or contribute to the killing of Americans or Israelis. So yes, their flag I will put anywhere they want me to and their government I will support. Because I know that their government will not use that support against me at some later time of their convenience. 

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