Refugees Need To Be Taken In, The Right Way And That Means Re-Education of The Mind

Europe thought it could sit out the war in Syria and watch Russia uphold one of the largest dictatorships in the Middle East as it destroyed itself from the inside. And now, along with thousands of migrants, these often well educated refugees are streaming into Europe by the millions after languishing in Turkey and Lebanon in squalid conditions for nearly two years.

It is clear that  Europe needs to help them and it looks like slowly but surely it is starting to move into that direction, even if it is doing it out of pure self-interest rather than one of humanitarian compassion. However, it is already becoming evident, that living under a despot for decades does not create people who have a grasp of the reality. They hate Israel, deny Holocaust having heard years of horrible propaganda about it and many love IS because they are often radicalized. The only reason many do not live in IS occupied lands due to the constant war that IS is not involved with US.

This mentality of new arrivals can mean a huge problem down the line if not dealt with immediately upon their arrival. If European countries simply give refugees food, language classes and housing, these people will continue to have a sick view of government in their lives, lack of understanding of how separation of church and state, democracy and of countries like Israel and United States.

This means that in ten to fifteen years, as millions of people with a backwards way of the world begin to work and make a life in Europe, begin to vote and exert influence on Europe, a downward slide into Islamisation, sharia law, lack of separation of church and state, lack of freedom of press and a host of other problems that are going on in Europe already will make the current problems with North African minorities seem small by comparison.

Thus it is very important for global peace and for an enlightened Western way of life that the new refugees are re-educated and de-brainwashed of the way of life they had in despotic Syria. They must be explained how and why democracy works, what is freedom of speech, that it involves making fun of politicians AND religious leaders and holding them accountable as well as explain to them realities of Holocaust, Israel and the fallacies that they were fed while living in Syria.

They cannot assume that these people will grasp all these things while they integrate into the European culture. Current events show that they do not and will not. If re-education not happen, then the sickness of the Middle East will spread to Europe and the dark thought patterns of the oppressed will cloud Western World for a long time to come.

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