Germany, You’re Funny – Greek Crisis

Is it hard to understand what’s up with Greece? Well let me explain it in analogy made by my friend Anton.

Imagine that China, decides to ask for the debt US owes it, all at once and now. To help America pay that debt, it decides how America will pay it. That’s right, not our Congress decides, China decides. 

China decides who we lay off, who we tax and how and when we pay even if their plan will crumble our economy and ensure 0% chance of every paying off the actual debt. We have no choice but to take that or face complete insolvency. Now imagine that it is not just China that we owe money to but a whole bunch of countries. And even though, many countries are owed the money,  it is China alone that fore some reason gets to dictate the entire deal. 

Even though other countries want to ease the burden and feel it is unfair and actively reproach China, China for some reason continues to insist on this terrible, crumbling, pointless deal, for no clear reason.

Seems pretty undemocratic right? Seems absurd. We’d never go for it and we wouldn’t even like the idea of it. 

Well.. are you still surprised why Greeks riot and hate the Germans?

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