America, You’re Funny: Antibiotics and Surveillance

A recent Frontline documentary discovered a small little story about resistant antibiotics. 
20,000 people die of Antibiotic resistant bacteria, because antibiotics allow for less feed to grow larger animals which become antibiotic resistant which then pass it on to humans. This was known 40 years ago and Europe and Canada stopped feeding antibiotics to their animals.. but the food industry forced the issue shut….
So 20,000 people are killed every day by the drug and food industry. More than all americans killed by terrorism in the past twenty years.. all so that these companies can make more money. Killing for money. Shouldn’t that be illegal? Shouldn’t they go to jail?
What’s really ridiculous is that congress refuses to allow to even collection of data on antibiotics due to industry opposition. So we allow collection of our phone calls to prevent terrorism which affects few but refuse to collect data on that which causes 2,000,000 people being sick every year and 20,000 dying from these diseases.
America, you’re funny.

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