There Is No Such Thing As ISIS, Just Old Disbanded Iraqi Army

In Afghanistan winter of 2002, United States felt victorious and invincible as it routed the Taliban using the Northern Alliance. It seemed like a new warfare was here where we could take on anyone with limited troops and take hold and then enjoy the “peace”. This technique was known by many Russian and European generals as the technique of Nazi Germany. This was also the technique America used in Vietnam to gain early victory. However, what most knew besides the reckless American commandos is that this technique brought about quick victory in terms of land acquired but it also brought about a long and protracted resistance and guerrilla war fare.

Across Europe From France to Lithuania, Nazis bled continuously as resistance fighters blew up bridges, rail lines and ambushed Nazi soldiers. In spite of savage retaliations against civilians of towns near the “terrorist” actions, the resistance was a continuous thorn in the side of Nazi soldiers until the end of the war in 1945. As most of us know the famous quote by George Santayana except for the cocksure White House, “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” This quote is the reason for Jewish post-Holocaust mantra of “never forget,” for Jews cannot afford to relive another Holocaust as they may not survive it. These words became especially true when what should have been a peaceful Afghanistan blew up into insurgency making the resistance of Europe in World War II look like child’s play. United States sustained never ending losses and the losses of anyone who worked with them were ten times those of US, cutting off nearly all cooperation as United States showed itself to be a poor protector. Land mines and constant stream of fighters from across the border made Kabul seem like a constant war zone. United States had little choice but to hide inside the green zone as children and civilians watched their families be ripped by IEDs in markets and mosques. But that was just the beginning.

American blitzkrieg in Iraq only a little more than one year later was called Shock and Awe and it’s results were fairly similar to those of the Germans. As Americans walked into the lawless Iraq, the bands of gangs looted like the East Europeans looters robbing their Jewish neighbors. Similarly to the East Europeans killing their Jewish neighbors before the Germans even arrived, Sunni, Shia and Kurd striations soon had blood flowing so thick that one might have confused the endless bombings for one of Moses’s plagues on the Pharaoh. Large reason for this violence were the actions of Paul Bremer who thought it wise to disband the Army, leave them without jobs but not secure the tons and tons of munitions and weapons which they would now be free to use and directed by the generals who were allowed to walk away and begin a civil war like we had not seen in a long long time.

The Iraqi ex-generals working with Al Qaida in Iraq in a death match with Shia militias, began a campaign of endless bombings which promulgated our news to the point that hearing about 50, 100 and 150 people blown to bits was no longer news, just part of the daily chatter. Beheadings, mass murder, kidnappings and market bombings which had a tiny bit of shock during the insurgency in Afghanistan broke all bounds. People, tens of thousands dead, thousands of American soldiers all a statistic dismissed by our leaders, statistic that disappeared in the noise of everyday numbers which we could not remember or think of as our brave leaders threw more of our money into the problem, more 18-year-old bodies, more drones and more heavy equipment while at the same time ramping up a surveillance program on US citizens unlike ever before, as if we were the enemy they were afraid of and fought, as if we were the ones that put them in Iraq, Afghanistan and as if we were the ones who were destroying our military through endless deployments. Vietnam was repeating all over again, and the only lessons learned was how to control the public, not fight a war. But that wasn’t the end. In fact, that was only the beginning.

Around this point we thought we figured it all out, we thought we would pay the militias and Sunni fighters off and they would become quiet. Many of them did. Even though the wounds of sectarian war felt fresh, they decided to take the money and forget it. They figured they’d try to give this democracy a chance. They thought they would trust United States, but just as the thousands of Native Americans who made pacts with United States only to see those pacts be worth as much as the shells they were written on, so did Iraqi learned that American peace was not what they thought was sold to them.

The problem with democracy is that when a new leader comes to power in four years, all previous bets are off making it very hard for anyone to make long range plans or trust previous agreements. So was the case in this war as new leadership came to power in our country and changed course, the Iraqis were left to survive in a small raft in the wake of a large ship. Our new leadership preferred to look the other way from our commitments, the leadership chose the European approach of appeasers; an approach that cost Europe greatly. The new leader seemed to say all the right things but as history would show, his blunders in someway would lead to destruction and death unimagined even in the quagmire of his predecessor.

As Obama took the last of American troops out of Iraq, the president of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, went after his opponents with a vengeance that made Saddam Hussein look civilized. The Democracy Obama touted would be responsible for sending Sunni areas into poverty, their leaders arrested, tortured and often murdered at rates not seen since Hussein. As Obama continued to sway in indecision in Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Ukraine, Gaza and Saudi Arabia with either a unique ability to consistently make the wrong choice or deliberately pick the path of least resistance and greatest evil, Syria disintegrated completely. All norms of warfare fell apart and as Israel was condemned and vilified as it was pounded by rockets and replied with knock rockets and phone calls and leaflets  resulting in 1000 casualties after intense bombardment in an area where one bomb could have killed ten times more, where Obama was ready to cut all ties with a country responding to actual terrorism, he at the same time refused to do anything in neighboring Syria where barrel bombs landed in hospitals, soldiers shelled indiscriminately refugee camps and gas and biological weapons spread on the ground as fast as the dead spread on TV screens. This, this was too much for anyone in Middle East. This was their rallying cry.

At this point the flood of fighters into Syria woke the ex-Iraqi army that were dormant for a time as they were paid of by United States taxpayer money. They were waken like a sleeping bear by the combination of the end of the cash and lack of jobs from the Maliki government in Baghdad on the east and the free flow of arms in Syria. The war machine turned on and there was nothing there to stop it. They ran into Syria, took hold of weapons, erased borders and then spread to Baghdad where the Shia Iraqi army seemed entirely uninterested in protecting any non-Shia areas including the Yazidi and the Kurds.

America and Europe seemed un-interested to help any of the groups who were now decimated, seen as American sympathizers by the drugged up warriors from across the Middle East fighting along side the what used to be Iraqi army during Hussein’s reign. This army renamed itself as ISIL and ISIS and Da-Ash, and while America and Europe sat with eyes agape without any ability to comprehend that the events were caused by the policy’s of the powers that had ability to stop this. At this point, the young muslims of Europe and United States, tired of the lies and incapable of believing a word of their leaders, happily believed the propaganda of ISIS, traveled to Syria and Iraq and began killing with a thirst that could only be matched by their previous compatriots in uniforms.

Enter today, where we have not ISIS but two civil wars fought by Assad and Maliki against what used to be the army of Iraq, a terrorist force with nothing to loose thanks to the actions of United States and Great Britain and the rest of the Coalition of the Willing. These men, often drugged up are raping their way across the two countries, streaming into Lebanon, destabilizing Pakistan and Yemen, funded by Iran, destroying all shreds of civilization of today, tomorrow and yesterday. This is the effect of lies, this is the effect of arrogance and this is the effect of media sleeping at the wheel.

We planted the seeds which  brought about this weed. And because of that, next time you hear the word ISIS, which makes it sound like something new and unconnected to us, think again and realize that ISIS is not ISIS, ISIS are the same soldiers we thought we defeated in 2003 when Bush landed on that carrier, with the infamous banner: Mission Accomplished.

Meanwhile our Defense Secretary still think that they key to defeating ISIS is to keep them defeated. We’ll see how that plan works out.


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