"the vast majority of police are…"

We often hear that the cast majority of the police are good people. It is hard to believe that seeing how many after many complaints end up doing grave harm without any reprimand, or when seeing grave violence on behalf of many police and none trying to stop the violence of one, or worse, helping to dole out the punishment to a defenseless guy on the ground. Sadder is to see the countless interactions caught on camera out of the millions others where police physically harm much weaker women, children and even old people.

It is tough to imagine a Police officers job and the type of person that goes into it. The type of people they meet and interactions they have vary drastically from person to person. Generally, it seems that they have the expectation that people ought to follow them, that people will subvert to them completely regardless of their actions, even when inflicting massive amount of pain when human response is to curl up or protect affected area to them is resistance as they want the person to put the hands behind their back while beating them and expecting the person to take it and not resist. They expect old people, young people and people from different cultures to uniformly respond to them and resent any training to understand the people they are supposedly serving. In the moment of altercation, adrenaline takes over, for the cop and the person they interact with. Cops don’t generally know if the person they deal with have a weapon, they do and that makes them even more fearful, if the person talking to them seems to not be afraid of their gun then they must be a threat, I’ve experienced this myself and it is not a pleasant feeling to realize that this person in front of you, can justify killing you and nothing will happen to them. It is a tough job, the type of people to do it should vary depending on who they interact with and should have capacity to control their body and thoughts at any moment.

Maybe some are too traumatized by the violence of the streets, some by being veterans of war or maybe it is the culture of the force, whatever it is, it is scary to realize that the police seem to be out of control and something must be done to help them and us, after all, we’re all in this together. 

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