Why Nazis Are Still A Thing

I just read a film review by  Tablet about the film No Banality in This Evil about the recently found letters by Heinrich Himmler, the evil genius behind the final solution. While he was poisoned, it shows that everyone was poisoned around him, including his kids who had done nothing to be prosecuted with him, but they lived on to carry out his legacy. Here is an excerpt about his daughter’s good work:

“One of the true believers, convinced that Nazism was not yet spent, was Gudrun Himmler (daughter). After the war, she became a prominent force in an organization called Stille Hilfe (Silent Aid), which helped Nazis escape Europe and provided financial and moral support to convicted war criminals. Silent Aid fought to free convicted Nazis and to prevent accused Nazis from being extradited for trial. Himmler was neo-Nazi royalty, her lineage granting her elite status within the airless world of unreconstructed fascist ideologues.”

This is why we, normal people watch Nazi parades and bands and books in disbelief wondering how these people cling to these ideas after everything that has happened. But reading articles like this one realizes that it has never gone away, those people support everything that happened and would be happy to participate if the regime were ever brought back again and if they could they would do everything the same.

In essence, Nazi party and mentality never went away, they hid and they worked, tirelessly. Their work is coming to haunt us today in streets of Jerusalem and videos of ISIS.. Like a super villain of a comic book, they ran, they hid and plotted, while we, “the hero’s” hung up the cape assuming all is well.

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