Love Explained Via Cars

What is love? How do we know if we’re in love? How does it feel to be in love? Well, most women seem to have an idea about it but men, most of the time, sadly do not. However, men have cars. Cars they love and while love for car is not love for a woman, I imagine that a parallel can be made.

Just think of that car, that car that you had been looking at for years. You never imagined that one day you would be able to afford it. That one day, would come a day, when you would own it. But here you are, the day has come to buy a car and you go to a dealership. You see thousands, you sat in dozens but this one, this is the one. It may not have the sunroof, but it has all the things you want. Maybe a strong engine, maybe leather seats maybe its a stick shift with a CD player. Whatever the options, it is the color and style that you are willing to pay for and take home.

You take her home and you love her. Your parents approve, your friends have to admit, that they are a little jealous. They all want to ride her but they can’t. Why? Because she’s yours.

First few months you are on a honeymoon, you go on road trips and she has that new car smell. You take her to the car washes nearly every week and not some crappy car washes or oil changes or gas stations, the best! She’s new and she needs the best.

You see her in the parking lot and you love her curves. When see one like her, you look but only because they remind you of yours and make you even happier that you have your car and that car makes you happy. And sure, you’ve had other cars. The other cars were great, they did their job and you might have even had affection for that green corolla. But that was a hand me down, that wasn’t the car that you had sought out for so long. It wasn’t the one for you on every important to you level.

With this car, every ding and scratch is noticed and hurts as if it were on you. You think about where you park her and when you get back to the parking lot and she is hidden behind that other car, your heart squeeze for a bit in a flash of fear, that she might be gone.

You make sure she gets oil changes and you rotate her tires. You vacuum her and you never think of trading her in just because she’s a little dirty or messy because you know, she just needs a wash, some armor all and a little wax, and she’s ready to impress on a night out in town.

Even five ten years later, you look at her just as you did that first day you saw her, long before she became yours. She has a name, unlike other cars and she is good to you and you are good to her, because she’s the one you’ve always wanted, she’s the one you finally got and she’s the one that you will always want. And should anything happen that the two of you part… you will grieve and you will always remember her. You may get one years later, just like her, but you will know, it isn’t her. Because, there’s only one true love.

Love you Sugar!

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