Putin isn’t "lying" or "crazy", he is smart.

https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/FF7lHdDw7Sk&source=uds  Watching Russian Television it is clear that Putin has convinced Russia and Russian speaking Ukraine through careful propaganda and framing that Ukraine is a loose cannon, that they had a violent take-over and that Ukraine needs to be invaded. He does not need to convince the west of his actions. What he says is inline with what he needs to say to Russians. He is being consistent not for truth’s sake but for keeping Russia behind him. He has to upkeep the “lie” because when his troops start shooting, the Russians will be shown “Ukrainian” forces shooting who will have no insignia. Russian TV does not show the license plates or Russian names because that is what Putin says not to show. They show the barricades and scared Russian speakers and they will keep showing the “angry mobs” of Kiev and keep omitting the footage of Berkut killing protesters. They do not show the grandmothers or students on Maidan. They create alternate realities where snipers were bought by opposition to shoot both Berkut and Opposition and the West plays in to their hands by calling Putin Hitler which only cements in Russian eyes the desire of the west to destroy Russia. This is why their Foreign Minister cannot meet anyone from Ukraine, because so long as they do not acknowledge anything the west says, they can keep the spin going and as long as they keep repeating the line, the hope to keep Russians and Russian speaking people fooled for long enough to get Ukraine back, or at least parts of it.

Maybe if the West made a plea to the Russian people.. maybe if the West got together to put strong sanctions on Russia.. who know how this will work out..

To me it seems as if Putin lost Ukraine, this is Ukraine’s the war of 1812 where Russia like Britain tries to take back its colony. Putin’s demands in UN are to install HIS government and give him HIS Ukraine back, if not, he will take it back by force. West can’t allow that. This is the war where Ukraine unites and wins or looses… it all depends on how well they can convince Crimea that they are with them.

In the end… perhaps it was a little bit naive of Ukrainians and the West to think that Putin would give up Ukraine just like that.

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