What Scares Putin

   Putin is not scared of Ukrainian outdated forces, he isn’t scared of American sanctions or expulsion from G-8. He wants that, he adores American hate and chiding. He wants the Hitler monikers at hate from the west. Putin isn’t scared of the rich oligarchs or climate change. He isn’t scared of poor economics or stock market crashes. He is scared of old ladies. Babushki, who built Russia while their husbands drank themselves to death. That’s the secret to Russia’s strength. Babushki i baby, built the country. They worked factories, they with stood rape by Germans and Stalinists and Soviets. They withstood, survived and worked to give their kids and grandkids a better life and they do not stand for Putin and his lies. They are not like his cronies who can’t say the truth, who hid behind microphones and behind their villas. They don’t care for gays, they don’t attack Jews, they don’t blame anyone but those who deserve blame. They are the ones who will take him down and he knows it. He knows that he has to beat up Pussy Riot because he knows that they are too, Babushkas in training but babushkas of Russia don’t break, they absorb the hate and violence and they trudge on. They have seen one empire after another collapse in the sea of it’s own filth and lies. No regime that disrespected their grand-kids ever lived for long, eventually they fell and became the anti-Russians, the traitors. That is the future of the oligarchs and the Putins. This is why America does not scare him, why he feels he can go into Ukraine, Georgia and who knows where else. He knows his time is limited because there is no lying to a Russian Babushka.

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