Terrorists… that word has lost its meaning. When civilian men, women and children are killed and blown up everyday, it is no longer terrorism because everyone is numb and it is not war because they are not fighting anyone. It is a massacre. Those perpetrating this are pure killers and cowards. What are their political ends? What kind of politics can be done at the but of a gun? Violence is what happens without politics and these people are simply killing to get their way and no one even knows what that is. They are just killing by inertia because it is what they know, it is what they have been doing for over a decade.

What is sad is that no one cares. 5000 have died this year in Iraq from bombings in markets and mosques alone. Who are these victims? No one knows. What is the effect on their lives. No one knows.

I’d like to create a website, where family members can post pictures of their loved ones before and after. These people are important, they exist and we all need to see them to remember them to do something about it, and the cowards need to see them too and remember who they are doing this to.

Anyone want to help?

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