America, You’re Funny: Domestic Spying

The apathy over domestic spying should be abhorrent. Having had a President resigning less than forty years ago for spying on Americans for political gain, we are acting as if it is perfectly fine to spy on Americans. The apathy is amazing and maybe the real problem is that we’re on an overload of crap from the government and the power elite. After all the scandals and all the b.s. and two wars and all the lies, we just don’t care anymore. There are 300 million of us and fact is, most of us  feel that we won’t be affected. Or at least we don’t think we will. We are having children and old women finger frisked to get on a plane for God’s sake! So if we don’t care about the scandals or old ladies frisked, then we don’t care about the spying, we don’t care about the shooting and we don’t care about the crisis. What we do care about however is how Miley Cyrus dances and if that asshole or bitch checks our phones.

There was a pipe bomb in San Diego, again (the other one was a few months ago.) Less than a year ago two brothers detonated a bomb in Boston and before that was the Shoe bomber which is why we now take off shoes at the airport and after that was the underwear bomber which is why TSA now images us with harmful rays to see us naked…. 
What has NSA done to make us safer? It spies on Angela Merkel….. 

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