America asks for the spy from one they spied on… America, you’re funny

Atlantic-HK doesn’t extradite snowden due to lack of evidence.

So USA asks for Snowden from Hong Kong with a threat of deteriorating relations. Snowden on the other hand let HK find out that America has been hacking into HK and has been snooping on citizens of the world including HK and America still doesn’t notice of “deteriorating relations” and that the threat is actually on the other side.
This USA Government arrogance based on double speak was first shown in the terrible language in the first Wiki Leak and now seen again here and so of course US is seeing even less cooperation from other states than it did during the Bush administration. Looks like President Obama failed in his promise not because he didn’t try, but because he and his administration was incensere.

The ducks are piling up even with liberals:
Guantanamo Bay,
Ice deportations,
Legalized marriage,
End to war on drugs,
Continued war on the poor,
Poor foreign policy,
And a worsening quagmire in Middle East…

I’m sad to say… are we really better off than we were four years ago?
Even our best hope has let us down, democracy is hard but so is being a snooping tyrant and asking for your squeak from those you snoop on.

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