A few days ago I watched an old Israeli movie about the 1982 Lebanon War called Cup Final. It is about an Israeli soldier that is captured by a rag tag team of Palestinians in the border region and about their journey to Beirut. The movie presents the case that the land is as important to Palestinians as it is to Jews and how they both want it but only one can have it. About a day later, as I was listening to Josephus War of the Jews about Roman destruction of Israel and renaming Israel it struck me that Jews of Israel have it all wrong. The Jewish contention that Palestinians are an invention and the Palestinian notion that Jews are foreigners and invaders are both wrong.
    In effect the two are the same people. The difference is that Palestinians are Israelis that became Muslims and Christians after the destruction of Israel. There are even genetic studies that prove this: The shared genetic heritage of Jews and Palestinians. And so what Jews must do is accept that some of us are not Jewish but also Christian and Muslim. That not all of us believe in god the same way and that actually, Muslim and Christians in Israel are closer to religious Jews than atheist Jews because they believe in the same god but practice the religion differently. Like me, they do not speak Hebrew, instead they speak Arabic and that makes them no different from me.
   Palestinians also just have to turn the idea a bit, that Jews from around the world are those who had left and now came back, that they are not invaders but their own stock that had left and is now back. They are non-Jewish Israelis and Israel is Palestine and they are Israelis because Palestine and Palestinians is the country and people renamed by Romans. Difference is that Jews never accepted this renaming and Palestinians did.
   So this is my hope, that this war between Cain and Abel ends, that the two realize that they are both from the same stock and Palestinians accept that they are in fact Israelis and Israelis accept the fact that Palestinians are not Arabs but middle-easterners just like they are and were simply converts to other religion. When the heritage of the two will be accepted by the two, when the two embrace their shared history. When the Palestinians realize that they were Jews and the Jews realize that Palestinians were Jews, that is when they will end the fighting for the land and accept that it is one country and one land and they are one people that pray to the same god but in a different way. When this happens, peace will happen, refugees will come back and a new Palestino-Ysrael will be formed.

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