Israel’s Independence, Patriot’s Day, Boston Marathon

I love Boston. I nearly moved to Boston. It’s a smart but stupid city. It’s a small but big city. It has attitude, it has food and it is the center of America, spiritual America. New York is like our wang and DC is our brain but Boston is our heart; birthplace of our revolution. To strike at Boston is to wound our heart and as I was driving home from the desert, I was told by my best friend of the simultaneous explosions in Boston.
It has been hard to come to grasp with it and it is hard to really react because for one month I traveled through areas of the world devastated by United States policy. We know we have devastated areas for our way of life and if I lived anywhere in the world and I knew that someone for their comfortable life would cause so much harm to others, would you not try to hurt them back?
Let’s look at Panama. Sure we gave them freedom in return for the canal but then we left them without anyway to profit from the canal. The country is essentially Honduras, a banana republic in spite of the 6% of world commerce that passes through it sidestepping all of South America. We the put in Noriega, had him do drug running and destabilizing and committing acts against humanity against his own people. We then came in to depose him, firing missiles at snipers, demolishing whole buildings full of people that go back three and four hundred years, going to colonial era. Entire blocks are missing that cannot be replaced. And these shells still stand there as only in 2009 was Panama able to run the canal at a profit and begin to invest money into infrastructure.
There’s a famous downtown full of skyscrapers that city empty, essentially parked drug money. Drugs go up to United States to feed the Lawyer and Doctors’ addictions and money stays there but is parked in Panama. In the meantime Panamanians live in squalor.

Then there’s Colombia, where to fight the Marxist FARC we created paramilitary forces that are responsible for 80% of drug trafficking  kidnappings and murders. They used to have constant bombings there and their country is run by drug money that our citizens gladly give that allows us to keep the intelligent rich in a state of dependence and the poor in prisons.
What will happen on this day of Israeli independence, Patriots day? Will more of our freedoms be taken to find the perpetrators? Will we go and bomb more countries as revenge? Will we keep taking an eye for an eye until we are all blind?

Or will we reassess what “our way of life” actually means for us and the world? What this race to have American cars, American homes means for people working, means for people around the world? What it means to have this progress and it’s effect on humanity, culture, environment?

Heart hurts for those who died, heart is angered by those who would in violent and cowardly manner would take that which does not belong to them. But we have done our share and the cycle of violence can only end when one puts down the arms and stops gouging at the eye.

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