Hey Science, Answer This

Question 1: Oil
So we can look bellow the strata and we know when and how life evolved.
We also know that oil is organic matter which is wildlife that used to exist in the world.
However Oil is really really deep underground and sometimes under the Oceans.
How did it get there?
How long ago did it get there?
If it is that far bellow then it must have happened billions of years ago, what kind of life created that oil?

Question 2: Entropy
The big bang happened. We say it was order and ever since then, the world has gone towards disorder.
Yet, looking out the window on trees full of leaves rustling in the wind, birds chirping and singing, waves crashing in the distance, the tidy homes around me made intently for the best possibly survivability made me question that very law of Thermodynamics. When DNA, through time by mere survivability has developed into complexity far greater than we can and possibly will ever achieve.

Although mathematically, the universe is plummeting into disorder with everyday and although a broken egg cannot be put together, the egg is still a model of order, created out of the disorderly food that the hen pics off the ground. Cells order themselves into parts and organs and shells and in the end a tiny little chicken.

Disorder? Yes but what is the force that creates the order of our planet, our solar system our thoughts and our eyes and our hands and arms and bodies?

Answer this science. Please.

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