Doing Better Business-Importance of Knowing Why Something Works.

The other day I met with a client over coffee. We discussed his life, my life and eventually we got down to business, or lack thereof. He has a few projects going but there are a few he has been trying to get that just haven’t taken off.

We brainstormed on things we can do, ways to approach people, new marketing and then an idea came to me: we are focusing on what is not working instead of on what is.

“How did you get your current projects?” I asked him.
Apparently, there are two people who sell a product for companies related to his business and his product helps them close the deal. His product is a secret quiver for those sales people.

“Are there a lot of people like this?” I ask.
Tons! Every company in that space has dozens if not hundreds of salespeople selling the same products.

“So you mean we don’t have to chase clients, we can simply let those salespeople know about our product and how it can help them close deals?”


Sometimes that’s how you solve a problem. You listen and you focus not on what doesn’t work, but on what works and then find ways to improve that.

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