America, You’re Funny- MAGA

What is MAGA? Make America Great Again about? It is about bringing back the good 50ies when America was strong, when a man could feed a family, when a High School education got you a good job.

Thing is, 1950ies was a world away from 1920ies when no education got you a good job. It is natural that today, one would need a college degree. A college degree today is what a high school diploma was in 1950ies and a diploma in 50ies was 3rd grade education in 20ies. It is not education requirements that made life tough. The good life for white people of 1950ies is a world that GOP policies have destroyed.

What made 1950ies so successful? It was high taxes that lead to investment in the American people. It was the houses that the taxes built for the middle class through low cost loans and freed up land. It was the roads those taxes built that US built on US land to connect cities and towns. It was the schools and universities that those taxes built to educate Americans. It was also the unions that created the well paying jobs that Americans could have to pay for their homes and cars and drive the economy.

For the past 70 years, the GOP has fought the labor and equality movement that created the growth of 50ies and 60ies. They fought the taxes that created the investment in Ameican people. They destroyed the very thing they claim to be bringing back. Then, after the success of destruction of unions and taxes and education and infrastructure, they claim that it is the minorities and the immigrants who made things bad. The same minorities and immigrants who were in US in 1950ies.

The American white man is so uneducated today that they do not stop to think who destroyed their job, they think it was outsourcing, which was possible because there was no Union. They think it is the Union that caused lack of job when unions is the reason they had a job. They think it was the immigrant, when it is immigrants who fueled spending and growth and innovation.

So with a little bit of hate and lies, GOP got the white man to vote for them again, for the very same policies that got them there. So what do we have? We have a “low unemployment rate” that was due to under-employment because of an end to immigration. We had the same white men without jobs, without income, killing themselves with Opiates. Due to tax cuts and lack of investment in schools and universities and public health, we have the heaghest death count in the world from COVID and the largest loss to small businesses since the Great Depression.

But that doesn’t matter. The beauty of racism and ignorance is that it works no matter how bad things are. In fact, as Germany showed, when things are bad it works even better. This allowed them to get 70 million votes for Trump. He lost the vote, but he did not lose the white man voter.

America MAGA voter? You’re Funny.

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