I see her from afar.
Stoic and direct.
She moves to me
A force of wind and earth.
Inside of her there’s power
That I can never match.
But I to swim to her
Hypnotized, and craving
To try and catch her wake
For what I feel inside her,
Is unlike in any other

I turn around
As I see her rise up from the sea,
Like heaving breasts,
With ocean’s breath
Her rising crest
I point the nose her way
And paddle with long deep strides
As if encircling around her waist
And whisper into her ear
“I want you, let me ride”.
She smiles and sweeps me up.

And now it is no longer me
But she that caries me upon her.
Adrenaline takes over
I stand up
And we melt into one
And all that I can do
Is let her let me ride.

Her smooth skin
Glides bellow me.
As I speed down,
Her rushing hands,
I reach out, and feel her
With my finger tips,
Her salty spray
Touches my lips,
Rushes through my hair,
And burns my eyes.
Time stands still
As all I feel
Is her and time’s emptiness.

Beneath her,
Are corals and sharp rocks
Above me
Is her white crest.
My life’s experience
Help me hold on,
And as we near the shore
Just when I begin to think
That I own her
She feels that familiar thought
And with a flick of hip
She buffets wavelets beneath my feet
And crashes her silver crest upon me from above
With all the power
Of a million pounds in a moment’s flash
Plunging me deep bellow,
Into the corals
Where millions like me
Have been brought to rest
By arrogance and greed.

Her powerful legs and steel-eye emotion
Pull me bellow the turquoise water
And as if her foot were upon my throat
I lay tumbling against the rocks
Without air, filling my lungs
With grainy sand and salty brine.
I’m dazed, cut up, confused,
But I have been here once before
I know I brought it upon myself
And holding on to her
Will only keep me here without air
And jealousy’s desire will end me
In this crypt of small minded men.

And so it’s up to me to let her go.
My toes dig into coral’s spines
I push off
Feet streaming blood for sharks to follow
And swim to surface, away from her
Where foam and water vortex
Tumble all around.
The tell tale sign
That she was here.

I catch my breath,
Like a new born child,
Swim for my raft,
Cling to it as if it were my second life
And watch her go on
Without so much
As a goodbye,
She’s seen many like me before
With some men
It’s best to disappear

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