A Letter to News Sources with Regards to a New Credit Card Breach

Dear News Media,

I was wondering if anyone is investigating the new security breach that recently happened? Many of my friends and I have had their Bank of America cards cancelled and replaced due to a breach at one of the merchants where we shopped which according to the bank happened in the past six months. Bank of America would not give me the name of the merchant whose security was compromised because the merchant according to them is not required to disclose that information, which seems very counter to protection of consumers and clients. This lack of transparency on account of Bank of America makes me more distrustful of using electronic payment than the actual security breach because not only are there more security breaches, but they are kept from me by the merchant and the banking institutions. I look forward to hearing about this issue on the news in the coming days as this I feel a very important matter to all consumers.

Kind regards,

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