America, You’re Funny – Healthcare

So in Ukraine, you can pay zero for HIV pills because US and Europe send millions of dollars worth there to treat HIV patients who are too poor to afford the pills. However in US, same poor patients are expected to pay 2000 for a month of pills! That’s not economics, that’s extortion! Oh and if you want to get insurance then you have to wait two years for them to see “if you survive” to not consider you a “risk.” What kind of racket is that? We, the US public, pays for HIV research through public tax funds and then we can’t even get the benefit? That is beyond wrong. What kind of society is this? You pay for taxes and then some corporation gets the profit and you can’t even get the benefit of paying for that research? Yet if you live in sub-Saharan Africa or in East Europe you can get the same medicine that they never spent a cent on for free? I don’t say make them pay more but common, that kind of treatment of our own citizens should be criminal.
 America, you’re funny.

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