Travel Tips: Phillipines

Manila is currently the densest city in the world. Getting around can be a problem. You can do it in a taxi, a taxi bus, a motorcycle taxi, a bycicle taxi, on a bus or monorail.

Airport: has wifi and although they say that you need a return ticket, most of the time they won’t ask you for it. Airport is fairly small so getting through isn’t a problem and getting to Makati is about 20 bucks by taxi.

  • During rush hour I recommend Bus or Monorail. They are safe, inexpensive and are actually faster than taxi. 
  • The taxi buses that look like giant Jeeps with all types of decorations on them generally take you from station to station and are fairly cheep.
  • Taxis are the most expensive and many of them can charge you far too much, so ask a local about the cost to the destination. 
  • Motorcycle and bycicle taxi are actually cheapest but the worst deal. They don’t go very far, they are not very safe but can be somewhat fun and the bycicle taxi can be your only mode of getting around during rush hour when most taxis are impossible to flag down.

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